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Pedagogical Programmes — Study Visits


PedaCamp – in-service teacher and educational expert training programme – has been provided for visitors since August 2015. The first participants were from Shanghai Polytechnic University.

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Social Services and Health Care Projects

Finland / Italy

The project Improvement of Personal Life Quality and Working Life Quality of Older Workers was conducted in co-operation with 8 Finnish and 15 Italian partners.

The primary targets were the development of strategies dealing with demographic ageing, investment in human resources, the development and experimentation of alternative work arrangements in enterprises, and awareness raising in the significance and involvement of older workers in working life.

Finland / Russia

The project Social Services on Both Sides of the Border  was a cross-border cooperation project implemented in the region of North Karelia in Finland and three pilot districts in the republic of Karelia in Russia. The project group consisted of six Finnish and Russian partners.

The overall objective of the project was to improve the quality of life of final beneficiaries, i.e. older people, crisis facing families with children, and other disadvantaged groups in the Republic of Karelia and in North Karelia by developing the organisation of social and welfare services.

Great Britain

Benchmarking project in Liverpool. Joint benchmarking exercise focused on the clinical practice of the students in the Degree Programme in Nursing. The project was conducted in co-operation with Savonia University of Applied Sciences and Liverpool John Moores University.

Benchmarking revealed a variety of good practices, for example

  • partnership between higher education institutes and practice organisations
  • service-user involvement (students, practice organisations) in developing education
  • action plan practice in challenging situations
  • mentoring system.

Training course of employee’s motivation in St. Petersburg for Service Industry Companies Union for Aged People. The aim of the education was well-being at work and employee’s commitment to their work.

Accessibility Services: Successful Applications and Plans


Accessible beach areas and docks in Eno and in Liperi
Accessible hiking and fishing area in Outokumpu
Accessible rafting base at Rapids of Ruunaa
Accessible guiding center for travellers in Lieksa


Accessible hiking route of historical industrial village in Ligatne


Functional Home model environment in St. Petersburg
Accessible open-air museum on the Kizhi Island, Republic of Karelia
Charting apartment in Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia
Kostomuksha secondary school No.2, Republic of Karelia
Private welfare center in Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi
Model apartment and showroom for devices in Syktyvkar, Republic of Komi